MBP carefully provides all information on its homepage and makes every effort to keep its data up to date, accurate and complete. Nonetheless mistakes cannot be fully excluded. MBP rules out any liability for the up-to-dateness, the completeness and correctness of the information provided at This refers to any potential damages (material as well as immaterial damages) incurred directly or indirectly throughout the usage of the information given at as well as actions based on this information. Hereby, liability for intention and gross negligence, is untouchable. Liability is excluded for damages caused by downloading of data and files or browsing on our homepage such as a computer virus.

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External Links
By the verdict of May 12, 1998 "Liability for Links" ("Haftung für Links" (312 O 85/98)) Landgericht Hamburg made clear that the owner of a homepage - under certain circumstances - can be held reliable for the content of linked homepages. MBP clarifies that there is no influence on design and content of linked homepages neither is there any association with MBP. This proclamation refers to all links from our homepage and to any content of homepages that lead to

Privacy Protection
By any visit of an internet file the following data are recorded:

1. page from which the file has been requested
2. name of the requested file
3. date and time of request
4. volume of data transferred
5. status of request (file transferred, file not found, etc.)
6. web browser or operating system used
7. IP-address of the computer making a request

The data recorded is for technical and statistical use only. Neither is there a comparison made to any other data files nor will there be a sale of the data recorded to third parties. We clarify that any user can avoid this application by assistance of his browser program. If there is a request of input of personal data (email address, name, address) on the internet offer of MBP, this input is expressly made by one's own will. In any case these personal data are kept for the explicitly named purpose and will not be given to third parties.

Partial Ineffectiveness
These rules mean conditions of utilization of the homepage Even if they should be ineffective or incomplete, any other rules are not to be affected by this. The ineffective or incomplete rule will be replaced by what the content of this rule comes next to.