African Tightspots TV Series / DocuMBP II
Amazons & GladiatorsFeature /ActionMBP I
A Christmas CarolFeature / AnimationMBP I
CutFeature / HorrorMBP I
DogwomanTV Mini-Series / DocuMBP I
FactotumFeature / DramaMBP I
Führer ExFeature / DramaMBP II
HalifaxTV Mini-Series / CrimeMBP I
Heroes For The PlanetTV Series / DocuMBP II
HorsesFeature / Imax / DocuMBP I
LantanaFeature / ThrillerMBP II
Last OrdersFeature / DramaMBP I + MBP II
Li´l HorrorsTV Series / ChildrenMBP I
PuckoonFeature / ComedyMBP I + MBP II
Something In The Air ITV-Primetime-SoapMBP I
Something In The Air IITV-Primetime-SoapMBP II
Stingers II, III, VTV Series / CrimeMBP I
Stingers IV, VTV Series / CrimeMBP II
Stings, Fangs & Spines TV Series / CrimeMBP I
Super SurgeriesTV Series / DocuMBP II
Taking SidesFeature / DramaMBP I + MBP II
MEE SHEEFeature / Children / Life / ActionMBP II
Wild About HarryFeature / ComedyMBP I